"The Old Dudes are formed to promote camaraderie, foster brotherhood of free spirited motorcycling, support our community and fellow bikers, and whatever the hell else we desire to do, within the normal constraints of social decorum, as we the Club, interpret it to be."

The OD/MC was formed in Panama City Beach, Florida by Club founders Mike "Wildman" Hammonds, Glen "Scotty" Scott (aka "Mad Max"), Carl, and Buffalo in early 2000 - in the repair bay of USA Custom Cycles. The Club was founded on the basis of having a full-up M/C that embraced our family bonds as well as the bonds of motorcycling brotherhood. Today only "Mad Max" and "Wildman" survive from the founding charter.

Max moved to Virginia the following year, where he met up with Eric "Fritz" Fritzius & Tom "Big Tommy" Steindler who also enjoyed riding their bikes and enjoying good times together. From there a bond was forged and the Virginia Chapter 3 of OD/MC was formed. This group of three set out to find more brothers who liked to ride, embarrass & insult each other, and in general have a great time! OD/MC since has evolved into a Club that has become a leader in community service, that takes pride in its love of Brotherhood, Family, and America.

The Old Dudes M/C also takes great pride in the friendships with other M/C's and all motorcyclists who come along on our rides, who commiserate with us, party with us, and support what we do. We would be remiss if we did not extend our pride and thanks to our families who work alongside the Club Brothers in our charity work and other events. They and our close friends are absolutely invaluable!!




"Not drunk is he who from the floor can rise again to drink once more, But drunk is he who prostrate lies, And cannot neither drink nor rise"


Just a bunch of Old Dudes...